Talianko Online Interiors is a service that will provide me with a complete room plan to include a scaled and dimensioned furnishings space plan, one key-wall elevation, a story board, a shopping list of items within the space plan, a color palette and a paint plan.

I also will receive an invitation to join a private FB group with Talianko Online Interiors as host. In addition, I’ll have access to several How-To videos on design and decoration. And I will receive a full set of eBooks from Talianko Design Group, LLC.

I am responsible for paying for my plan 100% upfront. Refunds are allowed for up to 7 calendar days of purchase and provided my project has not begun at Talianko Online Interiors. I may also change my room to another room if it is within 7 calendar days of purchase and my project has not begun at Talianko Online Interiors.

A standard 6-week turnaround time is needed to complete my project. This period begins when I have returned my completed homework kit to Talianko Online Interiors. I may also request an additional rush-charge of 25% of my purchase cost if I require that my plans be completed within 2-3 weeks instead of the normal 6-week lead-time.

I will be responsible for providing accurate room dimensions, room photos and at least 3 inspirational photos. I will also be required to send back the lifestyle questionnaire within 2 weeks of payment.

Upon submitting my materials, I will receive a 15-minute initial consultation via phone/Facetime or Skype with a designer at Talianko Online Interiors. The purpose of this call will be to get-acquainted and to review all of the materials I have submitted and to ensure they are complete.

I will receive an email alerting me to the fact that my plan is completed. I will be asked to schedule a call in order to discuss the plan I’ve received. This will be a 30-minute presentation via phone/Facetime or Skype. It will be my opportunity to ask questions about the room plan I have received and if needed, to request one or two minor revisions or substitutions. Further revisions to the plan may result in added design time and therefore regular hourly fees may apply. This would be discussed with me before the designer would proceed.

I will be responsible for purchasing and receiving all items on my plan and the plan’s shopping list will be my guide. Talianko Online Interiors will make every effort to stay within the budget level that I have chosen but it is not a 100% guarantee.

Talianko Online Interiors has the capability in some instances to purchase for me and to ship, receive and install my items but this service is outside of the Talianko Online Interiors program and will be quoted to me separately.

Talianko Online Interiors will need approximately 6 weeks to complete my plan. I may only communicate via email once work has begun on my project. If I need more time with a designer at Talianko Online Interiors, it is possible to pay $185.00 per hour to do so.

I understand and accept the terms and conditions of Talianko Online Interiors Service.